2003-2006 tail lights in a 2001

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2003-2006 tail lights in a 2001

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Working on refurbishing my mother's 2001 Silverado. The tail lights are a little rough looking, so since I need to replace them I was thinking of using the better looking 203-2006 all red lenses. I found all the associated part numbers for new harnesses since I'd rather my mother not have to deal with a poor crimp in the future (not that I ever do that :roll: ... If we lived near each other it would be one thing but we live about 3 hours apart now, and she may be moving even further away before too much longer.

1999 - 2002 left rear light harness 88986854
1999 - 2002 left rear light harness 88986855
2003-2006 left rear light harness 16531401
2003-2006 right rear light harness 16531402

When looking at the harness ends I noticed that while the plugs are the same, the wiring pinouts used are different because the newer one appears to not have as many wires. Has anyone else done this and if so do any wires have to be moved in the harness? Any advice (other than going with aftermarket ricer lenses, of course) is welcome, thanks.

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