Ls swap harness

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Ls swap harness

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I need you guys help. I bought a 1998 s10 with a bad 4.3 but it came with a 5.3 btr cam and a new psi standalone harness. I'm going to install the 5.3 in the s10 but I think the harness is not the correct one Because I want all the factory gauges to work so a standalone harness is not going to work with the bcm I don't think. I have the junkyard5.3 harness that came with the motor I'm not sure what it came out of I also have the 4.3 s10 harness, I have never done any harness work so my question is what do I need to do to make this work use the psi harness or the junkyard harness, is there someone I can send it to for the work or is it something I can do.Thanks again for any help or advice.

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Might try these folks. I've never used them nor know anyone who has, or anything about them. ... om-wiring/

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If you have a copy of the wiring diagrams (WD) that would help. PM lextech and see if can help. He is the wizard of all things electric on the 411 swap and he might have the WD for your application.

Also, S10 Mods might be able to help.

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