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Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 4:02 pm
by Bushwacker
Check fuel pressure, also when it want start is it firing?

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:56 am
by Speeder
Sounds like your fuel pressure regulator is the problem. You're wanting to see 60PSI. 80PSI is pretty high, you may be locking your injectors until the pressure bleeds back off.

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:32 am
by 97k15004wd
Gotta ask, who is "they"?

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 9:58 am
by Speeder
Been there, done that. Had a shop in Fort Smith build two engines, one for me and one for my dad. Supposed to be known nationwide. They built an LS engine for me and just stuck any old bolt in, wound up blowing oil all over before dropping a valve. I had that truck to several shops hoping to buy a fix, and yes, I should have pulled that engine myself and done it right but I wasn't in a position to do it at the time. They also built a Gen 1 400 for my dad that they dropped on the crank snout unloading from the truck. They claimed they magnafluxed the crank and found no problems, but after a couple thousand miles the crank snout snapped off. Luckily, all of the damage on that one was ahead of the bearings, so the block itself wasn't hurt. What sucked on that one was, I borrowed that truck when my truck's engine went, and that was when that engine failed so I was in a rent house with two blown engines in the driveway. Rather than work on my new house, I had to cram two engines in a very short time. I bought a crate 5.3L, my dad brought up a spare engine he had lying around. Anyway, that shop was Hunt Engine Rebuilders in Ft Smith AR. I figure they bought a lifetime of free advertising from me on this.