LS3 490hp oil capacity

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Are the dipstick and oil pan the ones that came with the engine? The Gen3 and newer engines take at least 6 quarts and some may take as many as 8-9 quarts. If you have a factory LS3 and a factory oil pan, the specs of whatever car the factory put that oil pan in would tell you what you need. My Tahoe calls for 8.5 quarts, but I think there was a TSB lowering the requirement to 8 quarts.

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It's according to pan, look at the pan it should have a gm # on it and Google it's capacity, it's definitely not uncommon for the gen 3 and up 6.2 to take 8qts and possibly more. If the stick came with the pan I would feel safe using the stick as reference

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That 490hp LS3 is an LS3 with the GEN3/4 version of the old GEN 1E/!! SBC camshaft 219/229 0.525"/0.525"

Anywho, he's the p/n of the oilpan kit that comes with that engine 19212593. It says its 5 quart, filter another quart for 6.

The new mid engine GEN-V SBC DI is running 490hp OEM stock. Those exhaust "headers" Re beautiful.

Driven Racing Oil DL40 0W-40 Synthetic Performance Oil Change Kit 2019 GM Gen V LT1, LT4, and LT5 Engines w/ 10 Qt. Capacity
Part Number: 499-21045K US$139.00

GEN-5 is a 10 quart experience.


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