92 v6 standard swapping 98 454 automatic

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Re: 92 v6 standard swapping 98 454 automatic

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Welcome. Having both trucks is a positive here. On the steering column, can't help there. You will probably need to use the 1998 steering column and get creative with the trim. The problem is the shifting linkages are different between the 92 and 98. You can use a floor shifter for this, but a floor shifter takes up valuable real estate on the floor of a reg cab truck, and will likely require converting to bucket seats which will eliminate carrying a third person. A floor shifter would eliminate the need to swap columns at all.

On the front suspension, all you need to do is get stronger front springs. The 454SS was a regular cab big block truck, and the upper and lower control arms are the same part numbers between the V6 and the 454SS trucks. I'd also upgrade the idler arm on the 92 as this is a known weak point in the steering on the GMT400s.

On the computer question, the 92 is OBD1 and the 98 is OBD2, two completely different systems. If you want to retain the fuel injection on the 98 you'll need to move the wiring harness and computer over. This would probably be easiest since you have both trucks. And, be glad it's GMT400 for this, as the computers are not yet totally integrated into the truck's other systems yet. Alternatively, if you want to keep the TBI you can see if you can find someone to burn you a chip although I don't know of anyone that still messes with OBD1 stuff. You could also get a standalone TBI setup from Holley that will self-tune and can run a 454. If you go with TBI, you can also get a carb intake of your choice to mount it to, and an adapter to put the TBI onto the intake. Of all the options available, I think I'd use the donor truck's computer and harness.

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