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I don't find that one in the android market. Maybe it's only available for iphones.

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Yeah this is an iPhone. Work gave it to me so I can work all the time. woo hoo

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Right now at 2100hrs Eastern Venus is very bright with a -4.2 mag, Jupiter a bit below it in the sky with a -1.9 magnitude and the Moon in it's Waxing Crescent phase appears just to the North of Jupiter. This all due West.
If I look over to the East, I see MArs with a -0.9 magnitude and its reddish colour when compared to the stars.

As I type now at 21:10hrs EST, Saturn is 2.4º below the horizon and it will have a magnitude of +0.7 when it rises from the East. I have seen the area where Saturn should be, but past atmospheric condition have not allowed me to see it for certain. Tonight is very clear and hopefully I can see it around midnight-0200hrs.

I really hope that NASA gets SLS rocking and rolling. They have moved the manned lunar orbital mission(SLS2) up from 2021 to 2019.

Mission Targeted date Notes
SLS-1/EM-1 December 2017 Send Orion/MPCV on unmanned trip around the Moon.
SLS-2/EM-2 August 2019[56] Send Orion/MPCV on a manned trip around the Moon.
SLS-3 August 2022
SLS-4 August 2023
SLS-5 August 2024 First launch of SLS Cargo configuration
SLS-6 August 2025 Manned "Exploration" Mission
SLS-7 August 2026 Cargo launch
SLS-8 August 2027 Manned launch
SLS-9 August 2028 Cargo launch
SLS-10 August 2029 Manned launch
SLS-11 August 2030 New configuration, Cargo launch
SLS-12 August 2031 Manned mission
SLS-13 August 2032 New configuration, Cargo launch