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Funny, I still have a Chevelle too. Finally have a place to put it, so I'll be getting it from my mom's house in a couple of weeks. Next spring I hope to have it ready to sell though. Chevelles just aren't my thing anymore. I've got to change the heads and cam, fix the air conditioner, figure out what's wrong with the brakes, and paint it. Numbers matching 1970 model 396.

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I still drop by every few days.

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still here...once in a while anyways. 2014 Duramax 3500HD dually GMC

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2018 and I'm a newly registered member.

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I made it back after a few years away. Back to checking in every few weeks at least.

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I’m here,still try to check in now and then.
I’ve become facebook addicted,while I kinda hate facebook and don’t like not being able to find posts as easy as a forum it is much easier than the huge list of forum bookmarks to go through lol.
Now i’ve just got a shitload of groups i’m in.

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Bluethunder here. I have been more a reader on the sidelines about all your AWESOME projects and advice. I now have 356k original miles on my 98 Hoe. Goal is 500k+. Runs like a dream to this day. Thanks to all who answered my questions and helped me directly and indirectly!

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word up

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I think it was early to mid 2000's when I discovered the site while researching things in relation to my truck. 1998 F44 Z71 push button 4X4. Booked marked everything of interest and read it all for working towards a build plan. And by all I mean everything going back to the very beginning. (Incidentally which aappears to show that this site is a continuation from an even earlier one! I wonder how far back that one went. I even bought a pre assembled marine intake off someone on eBay and got EFI Live. As you can see by my post count and join date, I don't post much. It has been a good while since I've checked the site with any regularity, and I wish I could say it's been because life's been great but whatever moving on right now I'm researching online trying to figure out what truck frame would be great to do a self contained preferably 4 season truck camper with off road capabilities. I know it's a jumbled mess to read but I asked for anyone's opinion on what frame or model they would want do a camper build on in the side garage forum. I check now and then to see if anyone has replied. As far as the GMT400's go I'm kind of liking some of the '98 extended cab diesel long beds I see... Guess m biased cuz that's mostly what my truck looks like. Curious : are trucks labeled cab chassis different frame wise or its just cuz they're missing a bed? Anyway I'm just Casper that's all a long time lurker love the site take care.