Least cost axle assembly for a trailer

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Least cost axle assembly for a trailer

Post by 97k15004wd »

My 5 x 7 trailer has small wheels and tires, which are a pain. I'm thinking of switching out the axle and using something that has 15 or 16 inch wheels.

Any ideas on what might be the best axle for the dollars - GM, Ford, Toyota, etc...

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Post by Speeder »

Any of them will be strong enough for a 5x7 trailer. It'll just be a matter of making it fit under there and attach correctly. No idea what sort of suspension your trailer has. You'll want to remove the yoke from it. You can match up your trailer's track with the rear track of any likely candidates to try and get one close to your trailer's width.

I'd shoot for an open diff to make it easier to maneuver. You don't want a locking differential to try locking the rear wheels together while trying to make it turn around a sharp corner. An Eaton locker, for example, is known to stutter around when driving in parking lots.