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The Side Garage Forum!

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The "Side Garage" forum here at Pacific Performance Engineering is for discussions unrelated to "General Motors Performance". This is the place for most of your random thoughts about other stuff!

Even though the subjects here vary widely, the same respect and courtesy to other members should be extended as if we were all standing in the Showroom of PPE having these discussions.
Please post under the following guidelines:
- Minimize the use of vulgar language and vulgarity and/or tasteless material in general.
- Please stay on the topic the original poster intended. Replies off-topic or unrelated may be deleted without notice.
- Tasteless and offensive discussion and/or photos are not appropriate.
- Discussion and posted photos need to be kept PG-13 or better. Please do not post nudity.
- Topics relating to religion, race, politics, immigration, drugs, sexual activity, sexual orientation, or personal hygiene are strongly discouraged. These discussions degrade quickly and can be upsetting to those who do not share your views. These threads may be deleted without notice.
- Personal attacks on someone's character are never allowed, no matter what the reason. This includes malicious name-calling and stereotyping.
- Forum members having repeated trouble following these guidelines may be required to take a break from the forum for a while.

If you encounter content anywhere in the Forum that you find offensive, please contact James "James B." or Dan "flyingpolarbear" with a private message.