Dynojet Wideband Commander Wiring

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Dynojet Wideband Commander Wiring

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Long time lurker first time poster so I've figured out you guys know just about everything. :) Trying to figure out the wiring on a first generation Dynojet Wideband Commander. The O2 sensor is Bosch LSU 4.2 with the standard wire color to injector function (i.e. trim resistor is green, heater + is grey, etc.). The "O2 Sensor Connector Cable", which I do not have, tied into the box using non-standard colors. Building a new cable would be easy since the wide band O2 sensor uses a readily available GM/Bosch 6 way connector. Here's a link to the installation manual - http://www.widebandcommander.com/pdf/WB ... lGuide.pdf


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