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Xcelerator Updates

2003-2009 Cummins Standard Xcelerator v222

Dodge Cummins Standard 2003-2009 Xcelerator

Xcelerator update cummins


  1. Download the zipped PPE Upgrade v222 folder to your desktop
  2. Double click to open the zipped folder
  3. Copy the PPE Upgrade v222 folder and paste it to your desktop
  4. Double click the PPE Upgrade v222 folder to open it
  5. Run the CDM 2.02.04 application to load the tuner driver
  6. Press enter to complete the driver install
  7. Run the Upgrade application
  8. Plug in your USB cable to your PC tower and your Programmer
  9. Click on the Upgrade Tuner and wait for red line to move from the left to the right all the way.
  10. Upgrade should be complete
  11. Unplug programmer and go to your truck to load the updated tune

2003-2004 Cummins Hot + 2 E.T. Xcelerator (No updates needed at this time)

2004.5-2005.5 Cummins Hot+2 E.T. Xcelerator (No Updates needed at this time)

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